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Translation into native French

Make the right choice by entrusting your communication to a highly qualified professional French translator

Clarisse-traductions was founded in 2014 by Samuel Clarisse, a state-certified translator whose profession is more than just a passion. As a member of the French Society of Translators (SFT), I adhere to the code of ethics governing the profession.

I am your sole point of contact and I endeavor to provide you with quick and clear communication. I’m located in the GMT+1 (Paris) time zone and you can reach me through the contact form, by email, by Skype or by phone.

All documents I receive are kept in strict confidence in a secure environment. They are never disclosed to a third party without your prior consent. My clients confidentiality is one of my top priorities. Please feel free to see my Data protection page.

With an education in trilingual translation, I work mainly in the language pairs of English to French and Spanish to French. Over time, I’ve surrounded myself with a network of professional linguists in order to meet your tight deadlines and translate your documents in other language combinations.

My work method

I take the time to listen to you closely, understand your needs, and respect your timeframes without compromising on quality.





Who Am I?

Having grown-up in a French, English, and Spanish-speaking family, I’ve been passionate about foreign languages from a very young age. My instinct for languages naturally pulled me towards an education in translation and international trade.

After a baccalaureate Economics and Social Studies, I attained abachelor’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages from the University of Artois (France). I continued my education by traveling around the world to improve my languages and immerse myself in foreign cultures. I subsequently obtained a bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), then I completed my studies with aMaster in Languages and Technologies from the University of the Littoral Opal Coast at Boulogne-sur-Mer.

With a keen interest in new technologies, computers, video games, and the geek world in general, I closely follow the related news in order to continuously educate myself and follow the latest trends.

My other areas of interest are sport, marketing, cars, poker, the media, and cinema: all areas of expertise that I put to good use in my professional life.

Although my native language is Parisian French, I work with clients in Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, etc. The differences between the dialects are relatively small and I am trained to identify and respect the standards of each country.

My education

2012 – 2014

University of the Littoral Opal Coast

Masters in Languages and Technologies

2011 – 2011

University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Bachelor’s degree in in Translation and Interpreting English/Spanish

2008 – 2011

University of Artois

Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages Applied to International Trade

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