Translation does not simply consist of looking for the equivalent of one word in another language, it is about recreating the spirit of the source document so that it is completely understood by target language speakers, without distorting the meaning.

It’s not enough just to be bilingual, first and foremost the translator must have a perfect command of his mother tongue and know how to elicit all of its subtleties.

Moreover, we recommend contacting someone who is an expert in their field.

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The line between localization and translation is a fine one, but these two services are different by definition.

Localization consists of going beyond pure and simple translation to include a cultural dimension in order to adapt the product to local needs in the most appropriate way. This may include changing graphics, adopting local currencies, using specific formats for dates, addresses, or phone numbers, the choice of colors, and many other details.

The aim of all these changes is to take local sensibilities into account, to avoid entering into conflict with local cultures and customs, and to succeed in a foreign market by adopting the needs and desires inherent to that population.

Largely, it involves the localization of computer products, for example the translation of software and its documentation, the translation of video games as well as the translation of websites, or of more traditional materials such as brochures, packaging, images, etc.

Users prefer websites, multimedia products, and video games in their native languages: if that language isn’t offered, it is estimated that they are six times less likely to follow through with their purchase. Similarly, 3 in 4 people will opt for the product translated into French.

Localization is a powerful marketing tool to open you up to the French market!

Revision is an in-depth inspection of your documents. It can identify and correct misinterpretations, literal translations, errors in grammar, syntax, typography, orthography, punctuation, etc.

The two texts are meticulously compared so that no error likely to alter the impact of your message will remain. In addition, we will take care to standardize the terms in the interests of coherence and uniformity.

Let us know for which language region your text is intended. For example, French is spoken in several regions around the world and certain varieties are subtle: Belgian, Canadian, Swiss, African, Parisian, etc. We adapt the typographic standards and the choice of vocabulary to the French spoken in a given region.

On request, we can optimize your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or your SEO strategy during the translation process.

In this digital age where online presence is paramount, this optimization generates immediate benefits, which is why you should consider all the methods available to showcase your image and your online activity. An accurate, grammatically perfect and stylistically outstanding translation may not be enough. A factor that isn’t always necessarily considered is the translation’s impact on the target audience’s searches in the main search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

We offer the following solution during translation:

  • Definition of keywords
  • Analysis of indexing
  • Implementation of words that seem relevant to you

Do you want an expert opinion and a fresh look at a French translation carried out by an external provider? Is your knowledge of the French target language not good enough to appreciate and assess the document’s quality?

Our proofreading and editing services involve a further background check:

  • Verifying the absence of omissions and the consonance of the translation and the source text.
  • Stylistic improvements and standardization of the text in respect of terminology and any instructions received.
  • Taking care of the formatting for immediate distribution on delivery.

If we consider that the text provided is unsatisfactory, we will then offer a solution adapted to your needs.

Audiovisual translation, or the addition of subtitles, is among the first steps essential to the internationalization of your business. Whether it is for cinema, television, video games, the internet, or your corporate communications, subtitling makes your multimedia content accessible to the greatest number of people.


  • High-quality and precise segmentation that respects grammatical structure.
  • Character number adapted to display time.
  • Perfect synchronization to guarantee that the subtitles are easy to read for the viewer.
  • A broad range of file types supported: .srt, .webvtt, .stl, .scc, .sbv, etc. 

Are you looking for an author translator? Are you looking to write an advertising campaign, a review article, a blog, a marketing brochure, or a tourist leaflet? Tell us about your needs and we’ll make sure to follow your strategy in a style that is unique to you.


  • Clear, fluid, and organized writing.
  • Following the rules of natural SEO.
  • Development of varied website content (links, videos, photos…) in partnership with your editorial team (managers, graphic designers, photographers…)
  • Proofreading and content validation while cooperating with managers.
  • Involvement in the development of editorial strategy: proposals for articles, themes…
  • Respecting the editorial line, writing standards, and web editing best practices (ease of navigation and reading), which may be the subject of a specific style guide.
  • Promotion of articles on social networks and community management (Twitter, Facebook, forums…)
  • In-depth monitoring of your areas of expertise and your industry.